Heart to Heart New Hampshire

We are a group of dedicated individuals who share a desire to create a community of friendship with people with developmental disabilities.

A community that celebrates life…and honors the inherent qualities of welcome, wonderment and spirituality that these special people possess…

We believe that these qualities make people with disabilities our true teachers of what is most important in life.

As we build community, we are preparing to bring Jean Vanier’s L’Arche homes of peace, love and joy to New Hampshire.

In  L’Arche homes:

  • People are welcomed, celebrated, and encouraged to grow as human beings.
  • People are transformed through mutual friendship with others.
  • Compassion, faith, and justice are practiced in the smallest acts of daily living.
  • People are of all faiths, though the community has Catholic roots.

The Secret of L’Arche is relationship: meeting people, not through the filters of certitudes, ideologies, idealism or judgments, but heart to hear; listening to people with their pain, their joy, their hope, their history; listening to their heart beats.                  – Jean Vanier      France 1964

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